The summer is here and the weather is fine!

Audi R8

With the warmer weather upon us,  it’s time for those with air conditioning in their vehicles to ensure the system is operating effectively.

We always advise our customers run their air conditioning systems throughout the year, not just in the summer months.  This helps avoid any performance issues.  However, many drivers  don’t and when they want a cool vehicle interior, the air conditioning lets them down.

If your air conditioning unit is out of action, or performance is not as it should be,  give us a call.  There may also be an unpleasant odour coming from it – this does need sorting.  Air conditioning units that are not looked after and checked can produce bugs similar to legionnaires disease.  This gives you a  sore throat and watery eyes.

Bushey Hall can check and gas your air-conditioning system for you in just an hour.    The cost for a conventional system is £65 plus VAT.   If there is no gas in the system, we will also test it with nitrogen to make sure there are no leaks, before recharging.

Want to keep your cool on the roads this summer?  Call Bushey Hall to book your air conditioning check on 01923 237135.

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