Snow on the way

snow cars

snow cars

The snow is heading our way. How much is to settle in the south is hard to say.

The warning to all drivers is prepare for journeys, allow considerable extra time and remember stopping distances are 10 times greater on snow or ice. The heavy rain forecast and dip in temperatures make ice a real danger.

If it’s really bad weather, only travel if you have to. Roads and transport services could be seriously affected.

  • Make sure vehicle wipers, brakes, tyres and battery are all in good condition.
  • Wear warm clothes and shoes.
  • Carry a blanket, warm drinks and food, in case you get stuck, a piece of sacking or old matting to go under wheels and, most important, a fully charged mobile phone. A working torch and high vis jacket are useful pluses.

Go careful out there. Be safe. Be seen. Keep warm.

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