Road Rage at its Worst!

All motorists, car or van drivers, have a responsibility out there on the road – to stay alert and drive with care.  Never act in haste or assume anything.  This 26.11.18  ITV News article is a classic example of what can go wrong if we are too hasty:

 ‘A driver suffering a stroke was punched after crashing on the M25 because other drivers thought he was drunk.  The man started driving erratically … and hit several cars as he careered towards the hard shoulder.  Surrey Police were told the man was “drunk and hitting other vehicles”. After crashing into the hard shoulder, drivers restrained him and a passing motorcyclist punched him and drove off.  It wasn’t until emergency services arrived that they realised he “was actually having a stroke”.  He was taken to St Peter’s Hospital.’

The Police were told the driver was drunk.  He may have been acting drunk.  We cannot assume he was.  Once medically assessed,  the driver was found to be suffering a stroke.  People suffering in this way often act out of character and my indeed look as if they are drunk.  Upon reflection, the motorcyclist should be asking himself what HE can do to ensure HE does not act in this way again.  We would suggest he takes a basic first aid course, for starters – something all drivers could gain by.  Bushey Hall Garage has  just the expert you need – she deals with COMMON SENSE first aid training.  If you know anyone looking for a course, contact our company director, Dawn Ayres, for further details.  Dawn is one of our company first-aiders and just retaken her First Aid at Work Certificate with Common Sense Training.

People fall sick.  Accidents do happen.  Our job as responsible drivers is to remain safe and should an incident occur, alert the emergency services and, if we can do so, WITHOUT PUTTING OURSELVES, OUR PARTY, OR OTHERS AT RISK, SEE IF WE CAN ASSIST, while we wait for the emergency services to arrive.

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