Last minute rush expected for vehicle tests as MOT extension ends

The 6-month MOT extension is to end early and drivers are urged to book their vehicle test NOW to ensure they have a slot. As of August 1st MOT testing is again mandatory.

Roads minister, Baroness Vere, yesterday confirmed that those vehicles due a test from August 1st will need to pass the MOT test before being allowed on the road.

Many motorists have taken advantage of the MOT extension launched on March 30th to put their MOT test back. But concerns have been expressed by road, repair and breakdown experts that this could result in vehicles that were not fit for the road – and potentially dangerous – still allowed to use the public highway. One in three cars fail their MOT.

Now, motorists need to ensure that they have a slot booked at an authorised MOT testing station ahead of the deadline and with many having put tests back, there is expected to be a rush for slots at the 11th hour. Drivers need to be calling their local garages, like Bushey Hall Garage, on Watford 237135, NOW to ensure that they have a test booked and then have a reminder visible in their car or attached to their car keyring to remind them not to miss the test appointment. Alternatively, put a reminder on your mobile phone calendar and get it to flag up  the evening before your test is due. Test slots are for given time frames only.

Vehicle owners with an MOT date due before August 1st will still be granted a 6-month extension.

We supported our RMIF (Retail Motor Industry Federation) and IGA’s (Independent Garage Association) call for the extension to end on safety grounds. Insurers also maintained that cover could be effected if an incident occurs and vehicles were found to be unfit for the road. Yesterday’s announcement was a victory for common sense.

The MOT extension was put in place as the country struggled to cope with COVID-19 and intended to ensure that those providing an essential service were able to get vehicles tested. This included vital deliveries such as food and medicines and MOT tests for those who needed their vehicles to get to work.

We are one of the many garages, offering a Class IV MOT test that have remained open during the coronavirus, this as we, too, provide an essential service – MOT’s, accident and breakdown recovery as well as work on vehicles for those who work for the NHS and other public services. We offer the complete package for all drivers – car and van checks, mechanical and bodyshop repairs, tests and tyres.

Transport ministers were originally concerned for the health of those who attended an MOT test station with their vehicles and also for the staff and their families at the testing station. Our company put additional measures in place immediately the warning bells rang on COVID and have maintained those standards which includes daily recorded risk assessments and temperature checks on all staff and sub-contractors who enter our workshops, social distancing on site, hand sanitisers and regular hand washing. Technicians wear disposable gloves and have face masks available. Protective covers for vehicle seats, floor wells, handbrake, gearsticks and steering wheel are used and all technicians have disinfectant wipes for anything else touched in or on a vehicle while with us. This includes vehicle keys and door handles. Contactless collection and delivery of vehicles is available, too. Other centres have also been taking steps to reduce risks.

Bushey Hall Garage had an MOT inspection last week and this included a section purely on provisions at our centre to protect staff and customers from COVID. Many other centres have had or are currently receiving similar inspections. The health and safety of our staff, customers and site visitors is most important to us.

An MOT test is an important vehicle check which should not be missed. It remains the vehicle driver and owners responsibility to ensure their vehicles remain roadworthy.

DATELINE 1.7.2020

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